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Those accused of coup d’état in Germany will be tried

It is reported that more than 3,000 operatives participated in the “suspicious raid”.

Members of the group accused of plotting a coup d’état in Germany and detained will be tried.

“Euronews” writes that those detained are members of a group working for “revolution and changing the existing state order” in Germany and who do not recognize the current German government and describe themselves as “citizens of the German Empire” (Reichsbürger).

On December 8, 25 people suspected of trying to overthrow the government were detained in Germany. A group of right-wing and former soldiers parliament it is alleged that they planned to attack the Reichstag building and seize power.

A former member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was among those detained as part of the investigation conducted by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office deputy, judge Birgit Malsack-Winkemann and businessman There is also 71-year-old Heinrich Reuss XIII, who is referred to as a prince.

Described as the largest operation in German history, the “dawn raid” involved more than 3,000 operatives, as well as specially trained active and former soldiers, including the German army’s special KSK team.
In the indictment of the prosecutor’s office, the suspects were described as “members of a terrorist organization that aims to change the existing state order in Germany and bring its own state order formed along its main lines.”

Group members in the indictment military It is noted that the actions they plan to carry out by using machines and using violence against government officials include murder.

The indictment of the prosecutor’s office also stated that the members of the said group do not recognize the current borders of Germany and believe that the so-called “deep state” controls the country.

In the indictment, it was stated that the group planned a coup from November 2021, during the preparations there were activities such as planning the management style, supply of equipment, shooting training, attracting new members.

In the indictment, it is detailed who will hold what position in Prince Heinrich’s newly created “Council”.

The indictment also includes suspicions that the members of the association made concrete preparations separately to enter the German Bundestag with a small armed group.

According to a 2021 internal intelligence report, 5 percent of the group of more than 21,000 people who consider themselves citizens of the German Empire (Reichsbürger) are far-right.

According to the report, the group, which has 2,100 members and is ready to use violence, does not recognize Germany as a legitimate state. Some of its members are loyal to the idea of ​​a German empire under the monarchy. Some members also believe that Germany still military is under occupation.

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