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The invaders really destroyed the city of Behmut

Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky In a video message he shared on his Telegram account RussiaUkraine noted that the most violent clashes in the war continue on the Donetsk front.

In the main regions of Donbas, Bahmut, Soledar, Maryinka and Kreminna, the situation on the front line is very difficult. Zelensky, “For a long time, there has been no place where there was fire and bullets in these regions. “Invaders actually destroyed, burned and destroyed the city of Behmut.” used the expression.

of Ukraine who spoke at the conference on “Human Rights in Dark Times” held in the capital city of Kyiv Zelensky Russia said that his army continues to attack civilians in Ukraine. Zelensky noted that Russia as a result of the attacks, many cities, towns, village and settlements were seriously damaged.


In the territories recovered from the Russian forces in Ukraine torture Zelenski noted that rooms and mass graves were created, “More than 2 million people were deported from the country. Illegal adoption of our children kidnapped from Ukraine by Russian families in the occupied lands Ukraine sending citizens to the occupying army, mandatory their participation are real examples”. he said.

Zelensky the Russian army against the civilian population in Ukraine military accusing him of committing crimes, adding that “the crimes committed by the Russian state on the territory of Ukraine, and especially against Ukrainians, is a crime that has not been seen since the Second World War.” used the expression. Noting that Russia should be judged in the international arena, Zelensky said that they expect support from international partners in this direction.

Remaining civilians in Bahmut, which Zelensky described as “the hottest and most painful place,” are trying to survive the winter in harsh conditions. Civilians who have to live together with the Behmut front, where hand-to-hand conflicts are going on, cannot leave the shelters.


Ukrainian armored troops control the strategic points of the city, where even aid organizations have difficulty entering. Ambulances brought by aid organizations that managed to enter the city together with the soldiers were delivered to Bahmutlu civilians, who began to have even more difficult days with the arrival of winter. Basic food for civilians arriving in aid trucks from their shelters, esp bread distributed. (AA)


Translation“24 HOURS”

Azerbaijan news

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