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Ruben Vardanyan’s party criticized Sergey Lavrov’s words regarding the Alma-Ata Declaration.

The “Country for Life” party unequivocally accepts the priority of establishing a stable and long-term peace in the region and believes that Russia There are some ambiguities in the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federation regarding the signing of the Alma-Ata Declaration without preconditions. news it is stated in the statement released by the party.

The statement emphasizes:

“The agreement which forms the basis of the aforementioned Alma-Ata Declaration and provides for the establishment of cooperation between independent states was signed in February 1992 Armenia of the Republic Ali It was ratified by the Soviet Union under special conditions. Armenia Article 5 of the agreement has the following important content: “The parties recognize and respect the right of peoples to self-determination, each other’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of their borders.”

The words “recognition and respect for each other’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of existing borders” used in the declaration referred to existing borders and To Azerbaijan As for the “Republic of Artsakh” (Karabakh – ed.) means to recognize its existence. And this Armenia and Azerbaijan means that there is no clear demarcation between

According to the logic of the principle of uti possidetis juris, the administrative-territorial division of the USSR could not be a state border. First, it was not a principle of mechanical action, it was applied by clear agreement and very strictly only to South America and some African states that had escaped colonialism. Second, Armenia and Azerbaijan as independent states, they never carried out demarcation and delimitation until the ratification of the said declaration, and the border mentioned in the declaration did not exist.

At the same time, the purpose of the negotiations within the framework of the Minsk Group, which has been going on for more than two decades, is not to confirm Mr. Lavrov’s comment on the Alma-Ata Declaration, but to reach an agreement on the status of “Artsakh”.

Reaffirming that the right of peoples to self-determination within the framework of the CIS should remain a priority for the Republic of Armenia, we emphasize that regardless of the signed declarations and agreements, “Artsakh” Azerbaijan was not a part of it, cannot be and will not be”.

So what comes out? The party of the person illegally brought to Karabakh by the Kremlin is trying to draw international plans by teaching everyone international law. Guided by the fact that Armenia once signed the Alma-Ata Declaration under certain conditions, these “politicians” completely forget the simplest truth – both Armenia and Azerbaijan was recognized by the whole world community within the borders of the Armenian SSR and Azerbaijan SSR and within these borders UN was admitted to membership. That’s it! This is the basis and starting point of everything.

He also points out that Ruben Vardanyan went against the actual curators of his “Country for Life” party with this statement. After all, Lavrov expresses the Kremlin’s point of view. After all, this former Russian oligarch appeared in Karabakh recently with the Kremlin’s blessing and quickly took the post of “State Minister of the DKR”. What happened that he suddenly dares to oppose the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that patronized him? In such a situation, whose support can Vardanyan rely on? Could he really have other patrons abroad?

Well-known Russian experts answered the Press Club’s questions.

“As you know, the “Country for Life” party successfully participated in the municipal elections held in the city of Alaverdi, Armenia in September 2022, and this attracted the attention of many experts”, – Political and director of analytical projects of the Economic Communications Agency, Mikhail Neyjmakov, says.

– The party will, of course, try to expand its support base, including the elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan, which should be held in 2023, but the exact date of these elections has not yet been determined. Considering that more than a third of the population of Armenia lives in the capital, this campaign will be of particular importance.”

The analyst believes that the “Country for Life” party was expected to criticize Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s comment on the Alma-Ata Declaration. Because if he didn’t do it, he would make it difficult for him to work with the protesting audience in Armenia. “Party leader Mesrop Arakelyan officially became Ruben Vardanyan’s advisor. Vardanya’s priority activity is known to everyone. However, it should be noted that the statement of “Country for Life” in relation to Moscow is quite soft. At the same time, let’s not forget that public rhetoric and actual cooperation in politics are often at different levels. Therefore, this statement of “Country for Life” does not mean at all that this party or Ruben Vardanyan’s team will really strain relations with Moscow, Neyzhmakov believes.

In turn, Russian political scientist, founder of the PolitRUS network of experts and analysts Vitaly Arkov noted that Ruben Vardanyan, a potential opponent of Nikol Pashinyan, has the right to make statements aimed at increasing his popularity as a politician. “But Armenia-Azerbaijan the main mediator in the resolution of the conflict and Baku It is necessary to be guided by the position of Moscow, which is the main mediator of the negotiations between Azerbaijan and Yerevan. Because the last word in Moscow was, is and will remain.”

Moscow, in the language of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Azerbaijanalso supports the decision to comply with the Alma-Ata Declaration on the inviolability of borders within the framework of the CIS, of which Armenia is a member.

“In fact, it is the de jure of Karabakh Azerbaijan Being a part signed by Armenia, Second Karabakh It is also mentioned in the documents that stopped the war and defined the vector for the future development of the peace process in the region. Yes, it is mainly inhabited by representatives of the Armenian people, and therefore remains de facto under the limited (I pay special attention to this) protectorate of Yerevan. And that’s not all military not only the suspension of operations, but also after it became known that the Armenian side does not intend to fulfill its international obligations and return the occupied Azerbaijani lands, Moscow Karabakh of the conflict Baku by military was one of the conditions for his silent consent to the solution.

Nikol Pashinyan’s appointment as the prime minister of Armenia was caused by the last case – because none of the Armenian politicians agreed to hand over Artsakh (the Armenian name of Karabagh and its adjacent territories). This is in modern Armenia, whose population has been fed by perennial nationalist propaganda political it was tantamount to suicide,” Arkov said.

The status of Karabakh was the main obstacle in the process of preparing and signing the peace agreement. Armenia insisted on recognizing the sovereignty of the “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” region. Creating special conditions for those living in Azerbaijan, e.g. national schoolincluding in the mother (Armenian) language education, national opening of press and cultural centers, duplication of documents in Armenian, etc. was ready to review.

“As you know, at the moment, official Yerevan has agreed to postpone the discussion of Karabakh’s status “for later” (at least to remove it from the list of conditions) after listening to Moscow’s compelling arguments. Baku and Armenians living in the region national is open to dialogue for the preservation of their identity. This paves the way for the signing of a peace treaty between states and the establishment of a friendly neighborhood between peoples.

However, political There are individual public figures and public forces who continue to play the status card of Karabakh for their own purposes and even incite revanchist mood. It is necessary to treat it as an inevitable situation and not focus on them. As a famous proverb says, the caravan continues its way,” says Arkov.

“It seems to me that it is easier to explain this situation by the fact that Ruben Vardanyan is not an “appointment of the Kremlin”, said Konstantin Tasich, a Russian expert on the South Caucasus.

– He did not oppose his “curators and patrons in Moscow”, because they do not exist. He came to Karabakh not “with someone’s blessing”, but based on his personal political ambitions. Vardanya has his own point of view on the Karabakh issue, he has not changed it.

The “Country for Life” party, which is associated with his name in the media, is legally registered in Armenia and participates in local political life. He is not in power and has not even entered the parliament. Despite this, he was able to achieve good results in local elections in a number of regions. Therefore, this point of view does not represent the official position of Yerevan.”

Rauf Orujov

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