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Azerbaijan wants to punish Khachanov

Azerbaijan International Tennis Federation and Russia Tennis By applying to the Federation Karen Khachanovhe asked to be punished. The reason for the athlete’s camera lens after his victory at the “Australian Open” tournament Azerbaijan Karabakh is to write a message of support to the region.

Khachanov, a Russian of Armenian descent, after his Grand Slam victories, twice called “Artsakh, be strong!” to the camera lens. wrote the words. Armenians call Karabakh “Artsakh”.

“The tennis player should be punished for his provocative actions, such a situation should not be allowed to be repeated,”Azerbaijan Tennis The Federation said in a statement on January 23.

After the “Australian open” tournaments, the winners usually write their names on the lens of the camera near the court.

Khachanov is an American in the 1/4 finals on January 24 Sebastian Kordaor won. in Moscow Khachanov’s father is from Yerevan.

26-year-old, worldwide 20The tennis player, who is in the 1st place, has repeatedly mentioned that he is of Armenian origin.

Azerbaijan 202044-day Second in Karabakh As a result of the war, he regained control over a part of Karabakh and 7 surrounding districts.

That year, Azerbaijan Armenia and Russia after the cessation of hostilities with the joint statement signed by the leadership of the Lachin Corridor and the contact line in Karabakh Russian peacekeepers placed.

From December 12, with environmental requirements in the corridor of Lachin action Azerbaijani activists who are conducting the illegal exploitation of ore deposits in Karabakh protest they say they do. Official Baku means that the road is open for humanitarian purposes. Yerevan says that Karabakh population was blockaded, the goal is to get the ethnic Armenians out of the region, or Azerbaijan to achieve its acceptance of sovereignty.


Azerbaijan news

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