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The journalist’s wife held a protest

On January 24, the head of the Khural website was arrested Instead Zeynalli’s wife Malahat Zeynalli In front of the building of the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office alone protest held an action. During the time the journalist was in prison, he was restricted from meeting and calling his family protest said he did:Instead of Zeynalli state crime he did not commit, and it is his natural right to meet and communicate with his family.”

M. Zeynalli said that he used all civil options: “I appealed to the president, after that Instead of Zeynalli, I applied to the ombudsman, they said that we will help as much as possible. I thought that after the appeal to the president, these bans will be removed, because the arrest of Avaz Zeynalli is illegal, and preventing him from meeting his family is one of the pressure methods.

The journalist’s wife again President Inspiration Aliyev, Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyeva, Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office chief Nemet Eyvazov appealed to her and asked for a telephone conversation and a meeting with her husband.

M. Zeynalli also noted that during the search, some of their houses were found funds taken away. He is the daughter of this education intended for the fee funds saying that it was, and asked for an instruction to return it to them.

According to him, A. Zeynalli has serious health problems: “The detention center where he was kept medical Various excuses are given for not performing the necessary eye surgery on him in his institution, and no one wants to take responsibility.”

So far, it has not been possible to learn the attitude of the General Prosecutor’s Office and other official and relevant institutions to his statements.

A. Zeynalli last September a bribe detained on the charge of imprisonment– gatimkan event was selected. He denies the charge.

A. Zeynalli even before that – again in 2011 a bribe Detained on charges and 9 years imprisonment was punished. But at the end of 2014, the journalist who considered the accusation to be false, the president pardon He was released early by order.

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