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‘Amnesty International’ speaks of double standards in its human rights report – #Amnesty #International #speaks #double #standards #human #rights #report

There are countless chances that Russia will start a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 military led to crimes, global energy and food crisis. However, this invasion also revealed the hypocrisy of the Western countries, which reacted to the aggression of the Kremlin. Amnesty International human rights organization reports this in its annual report.

The report says that the response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was swift and strong. However, the states applied the issue of human rights in specific cases by “showing disgraceful hypocrisy and double standards”, and no meaningful step was taken against the gross violations of some allies.

“States should not turn a blind eye to similar violations of other countries because one minute they criticize human rights violations, and the next minute only their interests are at risk. It is impossible to understand, universal of human rights puts its entire structure under attack,” – General Secretary of “Amnesty International”. Agne Calamar (Agnes Callamard) said.

Organization in 156 countries in 2022 of human rights After analyzing the situation, he came to the conclusion that double standards prevail in the field of human rights in the world, and the international community cannot unite around human rights and universal values. Double standards and an inadequate response to human rights abuses fuel impunity and instability around the world.

For example, the report states that While EU members have opened their borders to Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression, many have closed their doors to those fleeing war and repression in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya.

Or openly criticizing Russia’s violations in Ukraine USA accepted tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. But from September 2021 to May 2022, he expelled more than 25 thousand Haitians from the country.

Israel’s “apartheid regime against the Palestinians”. protest lack of action, China’s inaction on human rights violations against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province is highlighted in the report.

These double standards encourage countries like China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia of human rights “Amnesty International” emphasized.

According to Kalamar, Russia’s occupation of Ukraine is a “spitting example” of what countries’ disrespect for international law and thinking they can violate human rights without facing consequences will lead to.

Russia Thousands of lives would be saved now in Ukraine and elsewhere if he were held accountable for his documented crimes in Chechnya, Syria. Instead, we see more suffering and destruction.” – Kalamar emphasized.

Other human rights groups and Western countries also accuse Russia of involvement in serious human rights violations in the Chechnya region of the North Caucasus, as well as in Syria, including the bombing of civilian targets.


Azerbaijan news

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