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That limits journalism in Azerbaijan?: Press reporters talk

Head Of State of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has actually authorized the regulation on modifications to the Code of Administrative Offenses, which develops brand-new penalties for offense of media regulation.

The change figures out that anyone that avoids the circulation of media items based on the regulation will certainly be fined 200-300 AZN, and also authorities will certainly be fined 300-500 AZN.

A penalty of approximately 600 AZN is anticipated for those that unlawfully interfere in the tasks of reporters.

That is the regulation for?

Meydan Television spoke with staff members of different media companies to check out the independent and also international media employees running in the nation that have actually dealt with stress while executing their specialist tasks. It ended up that one of the most barriers to the tasks of reporters in the nation are the state agents.

That disrupts reporters? press reporter Nargiz Absalamova claims that it was the authorities that disrupted her job one of the most:

“Particularly, I have actually found authorities treatment at work. Also throughout regular capturings, the authorities quit us and also doubt us at every action. “What’s incorrect, why are you firing?” they ask concerns”.

Nargiz discusses that the authorities likewise avoid them from performing meetings on the road. The majority of the moment, they do not enable her to proceed a road study:

Nargiz Absalamova (between in a red gown), Picture: Meydan Television

” In brief, it is difficult to fire on the road. When the minute is coming close to, they ask different concerns. Or they ask whether we have actually gotten consent from the executive power. Also if it remains in the regulation, we claim that a reporter ought to not obtain consent for his job, it is bad.”

“Maybe the adjustments are for reporters that have actually experienced the register”

Relating to the adjustment in the regulation, Nargiz Absalamova claims that it is hard to claim what will certainly occur next off, whether the circumstance will certainly enhance or otherwise:

“Maybe the adjustments are for reporters that experience the register [with the National Media Register Agency], we cannot recognize.”

“Authorities interfere not just at work however likewise in road surveys”

Fatima Movlamli, a worker of Toplum television, claims that disturbance in specialist tasks constantly originates from the authorities. He claims that he experiences authorities treatment not just at work however likewise in road surveys:

” At finest, the authorities advises us of the value of getting consent from the exec authority. In the most awful instance, they harm our technological tools or create physical injuries. However I never ever saw them being penalized.”

Fatima Movlamli at the March 31 rally
Picture: from Fatima Movlamli’s individual archive

“The regulation is a pathos computed for an inner and also outside target market”

Movlamli claims that she has no assumptions afterwards and also includes that the regulation will certainly not influence their job – they are determined to proceed similarly:

” Such legislations are just pathos computed for residential and also international target markets.”

“If there is a penalty, the disturbance can be minimized”

Voice of America ​​radio press reporter Turkan Bashirli claims that the last time she experienced a cops treatment remained in December 2022 while shooting. The reporter still bears in mind the case. According to her, she likewise submitted a problem:

Picture: from Turkan Bashir’s individual archive

“Afterwards, I did not fire at work. I have actually not run into such disturbance in tiny capturings.”
Turkan Bashir wishes that if there is a penalty, the treatments can be minimized.

“The treatment of management and also non-administrative organizations is imagined”

Legal representative Alasgar Mammadli claims that individuals that are meant to be fined by the regulation are only individuals that do not command from a lawful perspective. That is, the treatment of management and also non-administrative organizations is imagined below.

“For instance, when a reporter is shooting on the blvd or doing a meeting, if a worker of the blvd division does not permit or conflicts, this will certainly be thought about prohibited. Since the regulation does not restrict shooting on the blvd. There might be authorities and also unique safety solution below. As a result, those that disrupt the reporter’s tasks will certainly be fined.”

Alasgar Mammadli. Picture: Meydan Television

Will transforming the regulation job?

When it comes to protecting against the circulation of media items, Mammadli specified that powerfully taking or otherwise approving published items from any kind of newsstand will certainly develop lawful responsibility.

At the end of 2021, the Legislation “On Media” in Azerbaijan was taken on by the parliament.

The regulation became part of pressure in February 2022 with the authorization of the head of the nation. The brand-new regulation imagines the development of a solitary register of media and also reporters.

The guidelines for maintaining the register were authorized by the Mandate of the head of the nation outdated September 26, 2022.

The nation’s independent reporters and also media professionals think that the fostering of the Legislation “On Media” and also the application of arrangements connected to the facility of the Media Computer system registry contrast the civil liberty and also media.

Global companies, consisting of the Venice Compensation, provided an adverse viewpoint of the regulation and also considered it a disturbance with civil liberty.

When It Comes To whether the existing adjustment will certainly function, reporters believe it’s prematurely to inform. The bulk does not think that the regulation will certainly shield independent reporters.

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