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'Just imperialism': Scholz, Biden Slam Putin's 'Ridiculous' Messages, Warn Growing Risk of Russian Victory in Ukraine

U.S. President Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany on Friday slammed Russia’s Vladimir Putin over his “ridiculous” statements, and warned of the dangers of a Russian victory if Ukraine’s allies don’t increase military support and financial aid.

The two leaders used a meeting at the Oval Office on Friday to pressure Congress to pass supplemental aid for Ukraine, as legislative dysfunction and opposition among some Republicans have left the critical package in limbo, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports.

Germany and the United States have a role to keep peace in the world, “especially so looking at the Russian aggression against Ukraine,” as Scholz put it, throwing barbs at Putin, calling his latest interview “ridiculous” and describing his motives behind the Ukraine war as “just imperialism.”

“Hopefully Congress, the House, will follow you and make a decision on giving the necessary support because without the support of the United States and without the support of European states, Ukraine will not have a chance to defend its own country,” Scholz said.

Biden agreed and offered a more blunt assessment of the congressional gridlock. “The failure of the U.S. Congress, if it occurs, not to support Ukraine is close to criminal neglect… It is outrageous,” he said.

Scholz emphasized the importance of the transatlantic relationship in times of great challenges. He called the war in Ukraine the biggest crisis “with all its consequences for security and peace not only in Europe but everywhere in the world”.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House, he said, Russia’s rejection of the understanding that borders must not be moved by force is a threat to peace and security. “And that is why it is right and necessary for us to take all the necessary decisions right now to support Ukraine in defending its own country.”

The two leaders also discussed the Middle East. According to Scholz, the U.S. and Germany “stand with Israel in its right to defend its own country.”

But he also said that both countries agree that “the conduct of warfare must meet its own standards”, and humanitarian aid must reach Gaza – “on a much larger scale than is the case today”.

He added: “That’s why we need to discuss perspectives and the future now. There must be a two-state solution.”


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