Azerbaijan reports a ceasefire violation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

Published: 12 February 2024 21:11

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense has issued a statement regarding an incident involving gunfire, reporting that a ceasefire violation occurred on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, resulting in the injury of one soldier.

On February 12, the Press Service of the Military Prosecutor’s Office released information about the incident.

It is noted that information was received by the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Qubadli regarding the injury of soldier Perviz Khalilzadeh from the N division of the State Border Service as a result of gunfire from the Armenian side.

The information highlights that the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Qubadli obtained an explanation from the soldier:

“Relevant necessary measures were taken in conjunction with the colleagues of the Criminalistics and Information Technologies Department of the Military Prosecutor’s Office, an on-site inspection was conducted, and other actions were taken.”

According to the facts, a criminal case has been initiated by the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Qubadli under Article (attempted murder with national, racial, religious hatred or enmity) of the Criminal Code:

“Witnesses have been interviewed, relevant expertise has been appointed, enforcement has been pursued, and indispensable investigative actions have been taken. Currently, the investigation is ongoing, and all measures will be taken in accordance with the requirements of legislation and the principles of international law.”

The Armenian Ministry of Defense Military Police also issued a statement regarding the incident.

It’s reported that information spread in the Azerbaijani media on February 12 about Armenian military personnel opening fire on the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border is being investigated.

“According to preliminary information, such a situation did not occur in this area on February 12. If this is confirmed, those who violated the order will be held accountable,” the press service of the institution stated.

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