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Japan and Azerbaijan Forge Strong Ties Amidst Shared Commitment to Sustainability

In a celebration marking Emperor Naruhito’s birthday, the Japanese Embassy in Azerbaijan hosted a reception, underscoring the enduring warmth between the two nations. The occasion, observed annually on February 23rd, drew over 10,000 well-wishes from Japan, reflecting the deep reverence and enthusiasm for the imperial family within Japanese society.

Japanese Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Katsuya Watanabe, in an interview with Azerbaijani journalists, highlighted the robust 30-year official relationship between the two countries, marked by friendship and collaboration across various domains. Against the backdrop of Azerbaijan’s declaration of 2024 as the “Year of Solidarity for a Green World,” Ambassador Watanabe expressed Japan’s readiness to support Azerbaijan’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.

With Azerbaijan set to host COP29 in November, Ambassador Watanabe underscored Japan’s commitment to cooperation, recognizing Azerbaijan’s potential to play a leading role in global environmental initiatives. He emphasized Japan’s willingness to share expertise and technological know-how, particularly in the energy sector, to aid Azerbaijan’s transition towards a greener society.

Indeed, Japanese companies have been actively engaged in energy projects across Azerbaijan, including not only the Karabakh region but also the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. This collaboration signals a convergence of interests, with Japan’s expertise complementing Azerbaijan’s ambitions for sustainable development.

Elnur Mammadov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, echoed the sentiment of enhanced cooperation, particularly in renewable energy. Against the backdrop of Azerbaijan’s post-conflict reconstruction efforts and economic revitalization, Mammadov expressed hope for deeper engagement with Japan, citing ongoing projects in education, healthcare, and agriculture facilitated by Japanese humanitarian organizations.

The bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Japan extend beyond traditional diplomacy, encompassing interregional partnerships that foster people-to-people ties. Examples include the burgeoning connections between Ismailli district and the city of Ito, Khatai district and the city of Sika, as well as ongoing initiatives linking Aghdam with Hiroshima and Shusha with Okayama.

Japan’s contribution to Azerbaijan’s development is underscored by its extensive project portfolio, encompassing over 300 initiatives spanning various sectors. Notably, the trade turnover between the two nations surged by 49% in 2023 compared to the previous year, reaching 452 million US dollars. This exponential growth reflects the deepening economic integration and mutual benefit derived from the bilateral partnership.

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