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Sheikh Pashazade received the delegation of the American Sterling Foundation

On February 22, Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazade received an American delegation headed by Edward Rowe, President of the Sterling Foundation. Pashazade highly appreciated the Sterling Foundation’s participation in mine clearance operations in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

A member of the delegation, a priest of the Mormon Church of Utah, informed Pashazade about the registration process of their church in Azerbaijan.  According to him, the religious community of Utah is interested in deepening spiritual ties with Azerbaijan.

Pashazade informed about the upcoming Intercultural Dialogue Forum in May, to which representatives of the Mormon Church are also invited. He also said that within the framework of COP 29, which will be held in Azerbaijan in November, world religious leaders will gather in Baku to morally assess the problems of climate change, the press release of the Office of Muslims of the Caucasus.

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