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Will France supply Armenia with long-range missiles?

“No one can criticize the Armenian army for strengthening its defense capability”, this was stated on Friday by French Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastian Lecorne at a press conference with the Armenian Defense Minister in Yerevan.

“I will not go into details about what equipment will be delivered to Armenia, but they all have a defensive significance. I must also say about air defense systems, if Armenia needs them, then you will also have short-, medium- and other long-range missiles at your disposal,” the French minister said.

“Each time we will proceed from the operational needs of our Armenian partners,” Sebastien Lecorne said.

In turn, Armenian Defense Minister Suren Papikyan noted that Armenia will purchase weapons after the conclusion of the peace treaty with Azerbaijan.

According to him, the purchased weapons are not directed against any country.

According to Armenian media, the parties are negotiating the supply of MISTRAL 3 anti-aircraft missile systems.

In addition, the possibility of supplying Caesar self-propelled artillery installations was discussed in the French Senate.

In turn,”Figaro” newspaper wrote that Ground Master radars (GM200) and night vision devices were brought to Armenia. Radar manufactured by “Thalès” corporation can detect aerial objects within a radius of 250 km, and night optics are manufactured by “Safran” corporation.

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