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Azerbaijani Defence Ministry discussed situation on border with Armenia.

A staff meeting was held at the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan on 24 February with participation of the leadership of the department, commanders of types of troops, heads of departments and services. Commanders of military units and formations deployed in the liberated territories were also connected via video link, the press service of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry reported.

At the meeting the existing operational situation on the conditional Azerbaijani-Armenian border, issues of organisation and military service were analysed in detail and reports heard.

It was emphasised that the joint exercises to be held in Azerbaijan, Turkey and other countries in 2024 will have a beneficial impact on the exchange of experience, improvement of knowledge and skills of the personnel and enhancement of combat training of the troops.

Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov stressed the importance of clearing the liberated territories of mines and unexploded ordnance, maintenance of supply routes, communications and communication lines in difficult mountainous terrain with harsh climate.–

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