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Immigrants in Berlin “End journalistic terror!” held the action

In the end, the shareholders’ appeal was submitted to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A group of political émigrés in Europe called “End journalistic terror” in Berlin, Germany. held another protest called

In the action organized by DAS (Choose Democratic Azerbaijan) Organization on March 26, attention was drawn to the journalists arrested in Azerbaijan.

Aggregation of sites

Aggregation of sites

The action took place in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and in front of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany.

DAS member Elibeyi Dadashov said during his speech that the current corrupt, authoritarian and family regime in Azerbaijan carries out repressions against political activists and socially active people:

Serious international institutions – European Union, Council of Europe, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, Freedom House – state this in their reports and statements. There are more than 250 political prisoners in the country.”

Another organizer of the action, Ali Mammadov, said that anyone who expresses a critical opinion in the country generally becomes a victim of repression:

“The regime is carrying out a massive “terrorist” operation against journalists. Sevinj Vagifqizi, Ulvi Hasanli, Muhammad Kekalov, journalists Nargiz Absalamova, Elnara Gasimova and Hafiz Babali were arrested and charged with smuggling. Aziz Orujov, the head of “Kanal 13” Internet Television, was detained and a criminal case was opened against him under the name of “building a house on illegal real estate”, he was arrested, and then the motives of the criminal case were changed. Another employee of “Kanal 13″ was arrested. Journalist Shamo Eminov was charged with smuggling. These are proofs of what we said. Politically ordered arrests are carried out so quickly in the country that the list does not end when counting.”

Ramil Mursaliyev, a member of the DAS organization, drew attention to the police raid on the office of Toplum TV. He said that after searching the office of Toplum TV on March 6, media law expert Alasgar Mammadli was arrested in Azerbaijan, as well as Akif Gurbanov, Ali Zeynal, Ramil Babayev, Ilkin Amrahov, Mushfiq Jabbar and Ruslan Izzetli. a false criminal case has been opened:

“The opened criminal case shows that there is a cruel and merciless government in the country. Despite the fact that Gubad Ibadoglu, the arrested chairman of the “Democracy and Prosperity” Party, is in serious health, the moral and psychological torture against him is proof that the regime is hostile to the people. In addition to all this, during the past year, approximately 500 people were arrested under the name of “Iranian agent”.

Speaking at the rally, Elvin Shikhaliyev, Vusal Huseynov and others spoke on the same topic.
After voicing their demands, the participants of the action submitted their appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

The demands of shareholders are:

  • Stop the repressions against journalists and political activists in Azerbaijan;
  • All detained journalists should be released;
  • The police and investigative officers who used torture during politically ordered arrests should be identified and investigated;
  • End all kinds of political persecution;
  • To help deliver the information mentioned in the application to the international community;
  • Serious negotiations should be conducted with the Azerbaijani authorities for the release of political prisoners;
  • Put pressure on the political authorities of Azerbaijan to establish democratic principles in the country.

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