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Journalist Shamo Eminov's health deteriorated in pre-trial detention centre

Health condition of Shamo Eminov, an employee of the “Kanal-13” Internet TV channel, has deteriorated in the pre-trial detention centre, the journalist’s wife Durdana Eminova said after meeting with him in the detention centre on 27 March.

“Shamo’s eyes were red and his hands were shaking. I asked him what was wrong with him? He said he couldn’t tolerate any more imprisonment, being innocent and wanted to commit suicide,” the wife said.
Besides, the journalist has serious liver and stomach problems. A few days ago, he was bleeding from his mouth. The wife appealed to the relevant authorities to have Shamo transferred to a medical institution at least temporarily.

Earlier, the journalist’s wife appealed to the Ombudsman regarding Shamo’s unjustified arrest and is also going to appeal to the President of the country.

** Shamo Eminov, a freelance journalist working with “Kanal-13”, was detained on 22 December 2023. The court arrested him for three months on charges of “smuggling of foreign currency by prior conspiracy of a group of persons” (Article 206.3.2 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan).

Earlier, on 27 November 2023, Aziz Orujev, head of “Kanal-13”, was arrested under the same charge.

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