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Polad Aslanov seeks decisions on his complaints from prosecutor's office

Polad Aslanov, the head of the website, who is serving a prison sentence, complains that the prosecutor’s office has not provided him with decisions on his complaints.

According to his wife Gulmira Aslanov, the first complaint concerned his inhuman treatment on the day of his detention on 12 June 2019.

In the State Security Service, he was held for many hours without water and food, prevented from contacting his lawyer, intimidated by pressure on his wife and child, after which he was forced to confess.

In this regard, lawyer Elchin Sadygov filed a complaint with the Sabail district prosecutor’s office.

“The prosecutor’s office first initiated criminal proceedings, but then it was terminated, but no decision was issued to either the lawyer or Polad himself,” the spouse continued.

The second complaint relates to Polad’s hunger strike in 2020 to protest the removal of lawyer Sadygov from his job.

“Because of the protest, Polad had his head shaved, was put in a punishment cell and deprived of meetings with family members and his lawyer,” Aslanova said.  Due to the violation of Polad’s rights, the lawyer complained to the Nizami district prosecutor’s office. “The prosecutor’s office also initiated criminal proceedings, but soon closed them without issuing a decision either to Polad Aslanov or the lawyer,” Aslanova said.

Recently, Polad Aslanova complained about the failure to provide him with the decisions of the prosecutor’s office and the Red Cross officials who visited him. On 27 March, he was visited by the Nizami district prosecutor’s office, and Polad handed them his written appeal to the Prosecutor General asking for the issuance of decisions on his complaints.

The issuance of the judgements would allow Aslanov to exercise his right to appeal them in court.

*Aslanov was arrested on 12 June 2019, charged under Article 274 of the Criminal Code (state treason) with spying for Iran and sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment.

Aslanov denied all charges, saying he was being persecuted for exposing the corruption of intelligence officers.

Human rights activists recognised him as a political prisoner. International organisations condemned Aslanov’s arrest and called for his release. The Supreme Court subsequently reduced Aslanov’s prison sentence to 13 years.

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