US defends Brussels meeting after Baku criticism

Published: 28 March 2024 16:59

Washington has pushed back against Baku’s critique of the forthcoming tripartite meeting involving the USA, the European Union, and Armenia, scheduled for April 5 in Brussels. This response came from Matthew Miller, the press secretary of the US State Department, during a press briefing on March 28.

Miller clarified that the purpose of the April 5 meeting is to address economic stability and humanitarian concerns in Armenia, with a focus on expanding its trade partnerships. He questioned why such a gathering would be seen as problematic for any nation, emphasizing the positive intent behind the discussions.

On March 27, Aykhan Hajizade, the head of the Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, issued a statement condemning the Brussels meeting, characterizing it as biased and lacking transparency. Hajizade warned that such activities could exacerbate tensions in the region and hinder efforts to build trust and cooperation.

In contrast to Hajizade’s perspective, Miller disagreed, highlighting the participation of senior officials from the USA, the European Union, and Armenia as evidence of a genuine commitment to dialogue and collaboration.

Addressing concerns about discussions related to Azerbaijan, Miller acknowledged the possibility but underscored that the primary focus would remain on addressing Armenia’s economic stability and humanitarian needs.

Russia also expressed reservations about the Brussels meeting. Maria Zakharova from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern about perceived Western interference in the South Caucasus. She cautioned against actions that could undermine regional security and cooperation, portraying Armenia as being manipulated by Western interests to the detriment of its people’s well-being.

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