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Government agencies ignore threats to the life of Alesker Mammadli

Alesker Mammadli, the arrested founder of the “Toplum TV” Internet company, still has serious health problems. He said this during a phone call to his brother Nasimi Mammadli on Monday. 

“Yesterday, blood samples were taken from him for analysis, but Alesker protested, because blood donation in a prison cell is not allowed. Nevertheless, I have to agree,” his brother said. Alesker’s thyroid tumor remains the most alarming problem.

“No medical measures have been taken in this regard. The deprivation of the opportunity to undergo a biopsy examination greatly worries all of us.  If started, the process may become irreversible. The tumor can metastasize,” Nasimi Mammadli said.

“We hope that on April 3, the Court of Appeal will satisfy the appeal against the decision to arrest Alesker and he will be released from custody,” his brother summed up.

* Recall that on March 6-8, 9 employees of “Toplum TV” and its partner organization, the Institute of Democratic Initiatives, were detained. They are charged with smuggling foreign currency. Seven people were subjected to pre-trial detention for a period of 4 months, two more were transferred to police supervision.


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