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Problem of News Agency's access to quality internet solved

Since 27 March, the state provider “Bakinternet” has restored stable Internet traffic for News Agency. The problem with traffic arose in early February and was not solved for a long time, despite regular appeals of .

On 19 March the agency was forced to appeal to Rashad Nabiyev, the Minister of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan for help.

Today, the Agency expressed its gratitude to the Minister due to the elimination of the problem:

Dear Mr Rashad Nabiyev,

On 19 March I addressed you about significant disruptions in Internet connection. I am pleased to inform you that on 27 March “Aztelecom” LLC and “Bakinternet” provider successfully eliminated the problem and restored stable traffic. I would like to express my gratitude for attention to the issue.

However, I feel obliged to draw attention to the ongoing concerns. As a matter of principle, I should not have to resort to your intervention. The responsibility for dealing with such issues lies with the organisations and individuals directly accountable to consumers and operating within the service agreements and regulatory framework. Agency’s situation is indicative of a systemic problem that requires closer scrutiny and proactive measures to prevent its recurrence.

I believe that your leadership will lead us to a future in which such inconveniences will be minimised and all citizens will be able to enjoy reliable and uninterrupted access to the Internet. I wish you every success in your endeavours.

Sincerely, Mehman Aliyev, Director


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