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The EU Special Representative welcomes the report of the EU observation mission

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus Toivo Klaar welcomed the message from the EU Monitoring Mission (EUmA) that there is no “unusual” military activity on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“It is good to receive confirmation from the EU Monitoring Mission that there are no unusual military movements. This is exactly the purpose of the mission: ensure greater transparency and build trust. The mission is still open for closer cooperation with the Azerbaijani authorities,” Klaar wrote on his account on the “X” platform.

In turn, the EU Mission published the following message on March 31: “EUmA has been patrolling the AM-AZ border all day, everything is calm and no unusual movements are observed. “EUmA” wishes everyone a peaceful Easter!”

It should be recalled that early in the morning of March 31, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported on the active movement of Armenian military equipment and manpower along the border with Azerbaijan, placing responsibility on the Armenian authorities for the consequences of possible provocations on the border.

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