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Azerbaijan-Armenia: U.S. ‘Caution’ Against Escalating Rhetoric Or Hostilities, State Dept Says

The United States believes that the only way to ensure a sustainable peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan is at the negotiating table, the State Department said on Monday, adding that it will continue to encourage the creation of conditions for a just and dignified peace in the region, where the rights of all are respected, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports.

Spokesperson Matthew Miller on Monday reacted to Azerbaijani claims that Armenian troops had been massing along the border, something that the European Union’s border-monitoring mission in Armenia denied.

“We saw the statement from the Government of Azerbaijan over the weekend… I would note that the EU monitoring mission said yesterday that the Armenia-Azerbaijan border was calm and quiet, with no unusual military troop or artillery movements, despite those statements,” Miller told a daily briefing when responding to TURAN’s questions.  

“We caution and will continue to caution against escalating rhetoric or hostilities along the border,” he went on to add.

When asked if Washington was going to reach out to the Azerbaijani side to discuss preventing potential escalation, given Secretary Bliken’s forthcoming engagement with the Armenian leadership. Miller replied: “We will continue to make clear to both Armenia and Azerbaijan that escalation is in no one’s interest”

As for this week’s Brussels meeting, Miller reiterated that it’s about Armenia’s reforms and its democracy, economy, and resilience.  

“The peace process is not the focus of this meeting; it’s a meeting between the U.S., EU, and Armenia to discuss economic diversification, humanitarian assistance, support for refugees, and supporting Armenia’s political reforms in areas such as democracy and the rule of law.  It is not a regionally focused meeting,” he concluded.

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