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U.S. Concerned About Russia's Destabilizing Actions 'All Around The Region', State Dept Says

The United States is ‘concerned’ with the destabilizing actions of Russia all around the region, State Department’s Spokesperson Matthew Miller told TURAN’s Washington correspondent during Monday briefing when asked about the latest reports linking Russian intelligence to mysterious so-called “Havana Syndrome” symptoms experienced by U.S. diplomats abroad, including in Tbilisi.

However, the State Department stands by its assessment that no foreign actor was responsible for “Havana Syndrome” symptoms which was first publicly reported in 2016 when U.S. diplomats in Cuba’s capital reported falling ill and hearing piercing sounds at night, sparking speculation of an attack by a foreign entity using an unspecified sonar weapon. Other symptoms including bloody noses, headaches and vision problems were later reported by embassy staff in China, Europe and Washington.

“It has been the broad conclusion of the intelligence community since March 2023 that it is unlikely a foreign adversary is responsible for these anomalous health incidents,” Miller told his daily briefing.

A joint investigation by American CBS, German news site Der Spiegel and independent magazine The Insider has found links between a shadowy Russian intelligence unit and cases of “Havana Syndrome” targeting both American and Canadian diplomats. 

The Kremlin has denied the allegations.

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