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Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed on the state border in the area of four villages between Gazakh and Tavush

The Commissions of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the delimitation of the state border held a meeting on April 19. The press release on its results says that “the delimitation of borders in the sections of the Armenian village of Baganis – Azerbaijani Baganis Ayrim, Armenian Voskepar – Azerbaijani Ashagy-Askipar, Armenian Kirantz – Azerbaijani Heyrimli, Armenian Berkaber – Azerbaijani Kyzyl-Hajili has been preliminarily agreed.

According to the press release, the commission reproduced the borders of the USSR time on the map. At the next stage, these boundaries should be clarified and reflected on the ground. Thus, for the first time, there will be a demarcated state border between the countries in this area.

The Commissions agreed that during the entire delimitation process, the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan will be based on the Alma Ata Declaration of 1991. The Commissions agreed that after the approval of the Regulations, they will agree on the procedure for the delimitation of the remaining sections of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border and in this context the issue of enclaves will also be touched upon.

According to Armenian sources, the Armenian troops will withdraw from the positions they occupy in the area of four villages of the Gazakh district.

The Armenian side will lay new sections of roads so that its border villages of Kirants and Voskepar will not lose contact with Armenia.

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