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UN Secretary General welcomes agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia on border delimitation

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has welcomed the agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia on delimitation on a section of the border.

“The Secretary-General has closely followed the process of normalisation of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He welcomes the agreement reached on 19 April between the appropriate state commissions on the delimitation of the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” a statement by the UN Secretary-General’s spokesman Stefan Dždžaric said.

The UN Secretary General called on the two sides to continue the delimitation and demarcation of the remaining sections of the border and to resolve all outstanding bilateral issues in order to achieve full normalisation of relations.

On 19 April, Azerbaijan and Armenia announced agreement on the border line between 4 opposite villages on each side. The agreement envisages return of 4 villages of Gazakh region – Baganis Ayrim, Ashagi Askipara, Kheirimli and Gizilgadzhili – to Azerbaijan.

The parties also reached an agreement in principle to delimit the rest of the interstate border on the basis of the administrative boundaries of the former Azerbaijani and Armenian Soviet Republics at the time of the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

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