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Deputies from the ruling Bundestag coalition called for the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan

Representatives of the ruling Traffic Light coalition of the German Bundestag called for the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

The statement, signed by Renata Alt (Free Democratic Party), Boris Mijatovic (Greens) and Frank Schwabe (Social Democratic Party), welcomes the transfer of opposition politician and economist Gubad Ibadoglu to house arrest.

At the same time, given the deterioration of his health during the period of arrest, members of the Bundestag are calling for urgent medical assistance. The need for a transparent trial of Ibadoglu with the admission of the diplomatic corps and foreign journalists is also noted.

The deputies also demanded the release from prison, or at least ensuring transparent and fair trials and humane conditions of detention, along with Gubad Ibadoglu, other political prisoners – Imran Aliyev, Ilhamiz Guliyev and about 300 other people.

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