Tapina’s campaign continues: the politician from Utena, who does not have a driving license, managed to spend 16.8 thousand on fuel. euros

All information about how the funds were used by the members of the Utena district municipal council, can be found here.

Former district mayor, social democrat Alvydas Katinas used 13.5 thousand during the term of office. euros, one of his purchases is a Makita cordless vacuum cleaner-broom.

“How Makita should respond or improve the lives of the people of the Utena region – you better turn on your imagination,” writes journalist Rytas Staselis, who prepared the review, on A. Tapina’s channel.

He claims that according to the funds used by the council members Uten the apt name is a motorist’s paradise.

He allowed money for fuel, even though he does not have a driver’s license

Roberta Macelienė, who entered the council with the Social Democrats, an honorary citizen of the district, received more than 18,000 during her tenure. EUR payments, almost all – 16.8 thousand. euros – spent on fuel, and for that he used as many as 12 cards.

A. The data provided on Tapin’s channel shows that she does not have a driver’s license.

“No, I don’t have one, but I have a husband,” she answered the journalist’s question about the right to drive.

The conservator, Eglė Zarankaitė, also spent the money of Ute residents almost exclusively on fuel during the last term, for a total of 18,000. euros. He paid with 8 bank cards at gas stations.

“Besides, Eglė has some kind of magical machine, because on December 1 both gasoline and diesel are poured into it, on December 8. – gas, December 11 – gasoline and diesel again, December 14. – gas, December 17 – diesel, December 18 – gas and so on until the end of the year,” the journalist quips.

In 2021, due to the quarantine, 13 of the 14 Utena council meetings were held remotely, almost all committee meetings were held remotely, but Utena politicians managed to spend more than 60,000 euros on fuel alone.

Repaired four cars

Council member Nerijus Stasiulionis, in 2019, as soon as he was elected to the District Council, made an agreement with the insurance company “Gjensidige” to change the current contract for the insurance of the BMW X4 car in such a way that the payer was changed. From Asta Stasiulionieni to Nerijas Stasiulioni.

“At the expense of the Utena region and Lithuanian taxpayers. Because it is possible,” the article notes.

Also, R. Stasel discovered that some council members were repairing not one, but several cars. For example, conservative Raimundas Kelevišius repaired four cars at the expense of the municipality.

R. Kelevišius claimed on the phone to the “Skaidrinam 2023” project that “VW Golf” and “Polo” really were there.

However, as he says, he doesn’t remember exactly because of all the cars recorded in the documents: “I bought it for my daughter, I bought it for my wife, but I don’t remember everything now.”

Aynura Imranova

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