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The prison term of Imran Aliyev was extended

According to the investigator, if the head of the site remains free, the investigation will be hindered

The period of detention of Imran Aliyev, the imprisoned head of “” website, has been extended.

On June 13, Khatai District Court heard the prosecutor’s submission to extend the detention period of Imran Aliyev during the investigation period.

Aggregation of sites

Aggregation of sites

The investigator defended the presentation in court. He said that a number of investigative actions should be carried out on the criminal case against which Imran Aliyev is accused. While the investigation continues, Imran Aliyev’s freedom may hinder the progress of the process. According to the investigator, if he remains free, there is a possibility to establish contact with other participants of the process and influence the witnesses.

Imran Aliyev and his lawyer Ganga Ibrahimov objected to the presentation and requested that it not be granted. They said that the accusation of smuggling brought against Imran Aliyev is baseless. The lawyer emphasized that his client is innocent and said that there is no reason to keep him in prison. According to the defender, Imran Aliyev’s place of residence is known, he has no intention of evading the investigation, and the investigation can be continued without detaining him.
However, the judge allowed the presentation of the prosecutor and extended the period of preventive detention for 2 months and 7 days for the period of investigation on Imran Aliyev.

On April 18, Imran Aliyev, the head of “” website, which monitors the activities of the Azerbaijani parliament and deputies, was detained at the Baku airport on his way to Turkey and handed over to the employees of the Baku City Police Department. That day, at night, the house where he lived was searched. On April 19, when the court issued an arrest warrant for him, Imran Aliyev said that he was tortured by the police, and his body was given electric shock. When he was brought to the court, the injury marks were visible on him.

First, he was involved as an accused person in the criminal case related to “AbzasMedia”. He was charged with Article 206.3.2 of the Criminal Code (smuggling by a group of people).

Later, his case was separated from the criminal case related to “AbzasMedia”. A new charge was brought against the public activist under Article 206.3.1 of the Criminal Code (smuggling – in case of repeated commissions).
Imran Aliyev pleads not guilty. Before the arrest of Imran Aliyev, material against him was published in the pro-government media.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied that Imran Aliyev was tortured. This institution said that what was said is baseless.

Arrests in the “AbzasMedia” case, known for its corruption investigations, began on November 20. First, the site’s director Ulvi Hasanli, deputy director Mahammad Kekalov, and editor-in-chief Sevinj Vagifqizi were arrested. Later, arrests continued with investigative journalist Hafiz Babali, Nargiz Absalamova and Elnara Gasimova. They are also charged with Article 206.3.2 (smuggling by a group of persons) of the Criminal Code.

The sanction of this article provides for imprisonment from 5 to 8 years.

After Ulvi Hasanli was detained on November 20, the office of “AbzasMedia” was searched. It was claimed that 40,000 euros were found in the site’s office.

Ulvi Hasanli said that there was no money there, that 40,000 euros were deposited in the office by those who claimed to have found it.

None of the named journalists plead not guilty, “AbzasMedia” said that a number of officials, including members of the President’s family, were punished for investigations related to business and corruption.

After “AbzasMedia”, head of “Kanal 13” Internet TV channel Aziz Orujov and employee of this institution Shamo Eminov were also arrested on charges of smuggling. Currently, the investigation of their case continues at the Sabail District Police Department.

On March 6, a group of Toplum TV channel employees were arrested on the same charges.

It is claimed that various amounts of money were found during the search of “Toplum” editorial office and the houses of individual employees.

They deny this accusation and say that the allegedly found money was placed by the policemen themselves who searched the houses and offices.

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