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The term of Imran Aliyev's arrest has been extended for two months

On June 13, the Khatai District Court of Baku granted the request of the investigative body to extend the period of pre-trial detention of the founder of the site “ ” Imran Aliyev for another 2 months and 7 days, his family said.  The defense intends to appeal against this decision.

Imran Aliyev was detained on April 18 at the Baku airport. He was involved in the case of “Abzas Media” on charges of smuggling foreign currency. Later, the Aliyev case was separated into a separate proceeding.

Aliyev pleads not guilty. Local and international human rights organizations condemned the persecution of Aliyev and linked the criminal case against him to the activities of his website , which monitors the work of the Azerbaijani Parliament and its deputies.

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