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The Fair Environment Initiative – COP29 has ceased its activities

The Fair Environment Initiative – COP29, established by five Azerbaijani NGOs, announced the termination of its activities. This decision is explained by the absence of opportunities for activity. As one of the founders, Bashir Suleymanli, head of the Institute of Civil Rights, told , the initiative was put forward in February in order to submit proposals to the government to improve the conditions of civil society in the run-up to COP29.

“We have prepared appeals and proposals to the President, the Minister of Justice and the Parliament. We wanted steps to be taken in the country to ensure human rights, civil society activities, environmental protection, and the opening of borders.  So that on the eve of COP29 our country is mentioned in a positive light.

However, we were disappointed by a series of fake criminal cases against independent media, the arrests of journalists and one of the founders of our initiative, the head of the Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Education, Anar Mammadli,” Suleymanli continued. 

The pressure on representatives of free media and independent civil society is still ongoing.  Offices are closing, and community activists are leaving the country. In such a situation, the activity of civil society is impossible,” Suleymanli stressed.

* The Fair Environment Initiative – COP29 was established on February 20 by the Public Association for Economic Assistance; EcoFront; the Center for Strengthening Women; the Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies; the Institute of Civil Rights.

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