Jakštas: We don’t want teachers to become officials, engaged only in checking things

“We have to understand that school alone will not solve these problems. We don’t want teachers to become officials, just checking things. The teacher-student relationship is very important, especially in cases where that relationship with the students’ parents is not strong, they have not created a safe connection so that the child can tell his parents about his problems”, said G. Jakštas at the press conference held at the Presidency.

“If teachers become just officers who will check things, it can bring more harm than good. We have to apply all those measures thoughtfully,” he also emphasized.
The Minister emphasizes that the involvement of parents is also very important in solving this problem.

“It is necessary that both parents and guardians become more actively involved in the issue of student safety. It is also possible to think about new formats in schools, where parents would communicate with each other, share experiences and search for answers together”, he thought.

According to police data, 150 minors were registered last year, suspected of having committed criminal acts related to possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances and their smuggling. During 8 months of this year, 75 such cases were registered.

Aynura Imranova

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