New rates for notarial actions came into force

The Ministry announces that the new rates were calculated by assessing the costs of notaries’ activities in accordance with the methodology for determining notaries’ salary amounts (rates) approved by the Government.

According to the Minister of Justice, Ewelina Dobrowolska, the main goal of the changes is objective data-based, transparent and clear rates for notarial acts in order to ensure that individuals pay the same remuneration set by the Government to different notaries for identical notarial acts. According to the new procedure, fixed rates are set, which also include the rate for additional actions.

This means that after the entry into force of the new rates, an additional fee cannot be charged for what used to cost extra – preparation of a draft document, printing of document pages and transfer of mandatory data to state registers.

For example, up to now, the fee for approving powers of attorney between relatives could reach up to 10 euros. However notaries could additionally charge another 10 euros for the preparation of the project and 8 euros for the transfer of data to the Register Center.

According to the new regulation, a power of attorney between relatives will cost 15 euros, but additional fees will not be charged. Until now, making a will together with additional actions could cost a person more than 70 euros, according to the new rates, a fixed fee of 40 euros is set for the approval of the will.

For the acceptance or refusal of inheritance, the notary sometimes had to pay more than 40 euros, since October 1. the cost of such an action is 34 euros.

The new regulation also establishes a more transparent mechanism for the payment of exemption from the notary’s fee. In order to maintain the social aspect of notary fees, all fee concessions established so far remain in force. Notary fees are reduced for those receiving social benefits according to Monetary social support law for needy residents.

A new case of exemption from the payment of the notary’s fee is also established – 30 percent. the rate for mortgage approval is reduced by entering into a credit refinancing agreement and mortgaging family property or a person’s only home.

Ministry of Justice reminds that the Seimas in 2022 December 20 adopted amendments to the Law on Notary of the Republic of Lithuania, which established that the amount of remuneration for the performance of notarial acts and cases of exemption from its payment shall be determined by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with its approved methodology for determining notary remuneration amounts (rates).

This methodology was approved in 2023. January 25 By the government’s decision. The Government approved the new rates for notarial actions in 2023. June 28

Aynura Imranova

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