This year, September in Lithuania was the warmest in the entire history of observations

The service also provides more data for the month of September.

Taken together, the month (16.5 °C) was as much as 3.7 degrees warmer than the long-term average (1991-2020; 12.8 °C). The last very warm Septembers occurred in 2018 and 2020, but even they are significantly lower than this year. Until now, 1975 was considered the warmest. September, with an average temperature of 14.9 °C in Lithuania, and slightly cooler in 2020. September (14.8 °C).

In Vilnius, the average monthly air temperature was 16.5 °C (+3.9° anomaly), and in Klaipėda 17.3 °C (+3.1° anomaly). During the past month, both in Vilnius and Klaipėda, almost all days were warmer than the long-term norm. Only 1 day was colder and it was September 1.

September in Lithuania was not characterized by humidity: it was very dry in many places.

Precipitation was very unevenly distributed: the differences between the areas of Lithuania reached approximately 15 times. The monthly rate was not reached in any region. The biggest lack of precipitation was in the southwestern and central regions of Lithuania. Well, the amount of precipitation measured in Vilnius and Klaipėda differed about twice: 58.0 mm fell in the port city (which corresponds to 73% of the monthly norm), and in the capital (Trakų Vokė) – 24.4 mm (43% of the norm); In the center of Vilnius – 31.3 mm.

On Monday, it will rain briefly in many western and northern districts. Wind west, south-west, 6-11 m/s. The highest temperature is 15-20 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday night, it will rain intermittently in many places, during the day it will be a short, light rain in some places. Wind southwest, south, 5-10 m/s at night, 8-13 m/s during the day, gusts 15-17 m/s in some places. Temperature at night 9-14, on the beach up to 16, during the day 19-24 degrees.

On Wednesday, it will rain in many places, short rains will prevail during the day. Thunderstorms are possible in some places. Wind southwest, west, 9-14 m/s, gusts 15-20 m/s in many places. The temperature at night is 10-15 degrees Celsius, during the day 13-18 degrees Celsius.

Aynura Imranova

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