The forecaster gave the weather forecast for the whole week: significant changes starting tomorrow

The forecaster stated that the summer heat that pampered in September has already left.

“The warmth will try to return from time to time, but certainly not as it was. And it will take very little time.

Somewhere on Monday weather expected to be cloudy, foggy. So, until this fog dissipates, heat will not be allowed to spread across Lithuania. There will be clear skies in the country today. It is likely that the sun will still try to warm the air, but it will be difficult,” forecaster V. Sakalauskas said on the air of Radio News on Monday morning.

According to him, on Monday, the highest temperature will be 15-18 degrees in many places, only in southern Lithuania, it is likely to warm up to 19-20 degrees.

“It’s an afternoon wind, that wind is damp. The clouds will float away, so you can expect rain today. In many western and northern districts, it will rain for a short time until the evening,” forecaster V. Sakalauskas said.

And on Tuesday, sudden weather changes will be recorded again. According to the forecaster, heat is possible again, but it will be different than in September.

“The cyclone will allow such heat to invade Lithuania. So, the night will already be warmer than tonight. On Tuesday night, it will be 9-14 degrees, at the sea – up to 16 degrees. There is a chance that tomorrow we will still get a short temperature of 19-24 degrees.

Unfortunately, this warmth will be tempered by more gusty winds and rain. Rain is expected intermittently at night in many places, less rain during the day, only in places it will rain briefly. Well, the wind will be south-west, south. At night it will be moderate, but during the day it will strengthen and wind gusts will reach 15-17 m/s in places. So, tomorrow it will be quite windy and humid, but maybe the heat will cheer you up during the day”, forecaster V. Sakalauskas shared the latest weather forecasts on the air of Žiniai Radio.

On Wednesday, he said, the heat will recede again.

“A new cyclone will arrive again on Wednesday. And it will rain in many places, short rains will prevail during the day, thunderstorms are also possible. And the wind from the southwest and west will become more gusty. Wind gusts will reach 15-20 m/s in many places. It is not cold at night – 10-15 degrees, during the day it will be only 13-18 degrees”, said the forecaster.

And on Thursday, the weather will become even more autumnal, said V. Sakalauskas.

“It rained from time to time, sometimes heavily. And the wind will be strong enough. Gusts of 15-18 m/s at night and in places during the day by the sea. And it will be much cooler both at night and during the day. At night – 8-12, and only 11-16 degrees during the day.

Similar weather conditions will remain on Friday. Well, unless it rains a little less, maybe it will last less. The wind will calm down, the night will be cool, 6-11 degrees Celsius, during the day – 12-17 degrees Celsius”, – the latest weather forecast submitted by LHMT forecaster V. Sakalauskas.

Well, the upcoming weekend should be characterized by unstable and changeable weather, said the News Radio interviewer.

“As we can see, the weather on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is very different every day. It seems that they will be very changeable during the weekend as well”, forecaster V. Sakalauskas said on the News Radio show “Ryto Espresso”.

Aynura Imranova

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