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Food Terrorism from Russia – Instead of getting rid of addiction, we rejoice in “relationships”


“Some of our short-sighted officials Russia They noted the expansion of trade relations with Azerbaijan as an achievement and boasted about it. But they did not know that, They will attack us with food weapons as soon as we get out of their situation. ”

This is the G-7 countries food discuss security, expected famine and Of Azerbaijan food commenting on the state of security of the former deputyeconomist Nazim Baydamirli said.

Nazim Baydamirli said that, Russia both with the occupation policy of the world food undermined security:

“It simply came to our notice then Russia but also led to rising food prices around the world. Millions of citizens of several countries, UNto the statistics according to, 47 million people in different countries could starve to death if food is not delivered on time. In March, after the start of the war, world prices rose by 33 percent. This is one of the highest indicators. Along with Russia, Ukraine both grain and sunflower oil, powdered sugar in the world, in general, an important food export according to occupies one of the highest places in the world. Approximately 20 million tons of grain to be exported from Ukraine. Ukraine ports and ports are under blockade, under Russian fire. Russian “bandits” have already produced about 400,000 tons of grain. It even appears with satellite tracking that, One of the ships docked at the port of Latakia. Russia is carrying out food terror for both the region and the world.

The Azerbaijani government is neither economic nor under the umbrella of Russia political, nor should the military be together. We must stay away from them. Of course that, Bilateral, cultural ties must continue, too snowon the basis of mutual respect. I consider that, Both the climatic conditions and the location of Azerbaijan allow it that, let our country ensure food security. But there are problems with arable land. Azerbaijan Land Reclamation for years and As a result of the incomplete activity of the Open Joint-Stock Company for Water Resources, the sown areas have become saline. As a result of corruption, a publicity campaign was carried out to plant technical crops. These areas were salted and withdrawn from circulation due to the misconduct of officials.

Food safety national is a key part of security. The only thing way abolition of official entrepreneurship, to support economic competition, entrepreneurship. Without this, we will not be able to provide ourselves with food. She according to also accurate statistics should be kept. Customs authorities have always falsified statistics. The President also said in his speeches that, Some institutions provide unrealistic statistics. ”

As for the price increase in Azerbaijan, Nazim Baydamirli said:

“Azerbaijan is a country dependent on imports. The Customs Committee does not accept invoices submitted by entrepreneurs in import declarations and applies a price of its own. Thus, the state body has become more expensiverzaraises the price again. All this must be addressed comprehensively. I do not see any prospects for resolving these issues with the current government. The knowledge and education of those represented in government is inadequate. PR campaign and no personal initiative. Whoever takes the initiative from above, they compete for its implementation. Themselves political of management snowwant to show good in the glass. In this case, the projects are not promising.

That’s the worst that, We depend on Russia for 15 percent of imports. Russia is a big threat to us. Over the years, Russia has put Azerbaijan in a situation of its own. Sorry that, Some of our short-sighted officials have hailed the expansion of trade with Russia as an achievement. But they did not know that, they will attack with a food weapon as we fall into their original state. The attack began last year. Excise tax on grain has been introduced since last year. Most of the wheat comes from Russia. At the beginning of the year, prices rose and social The situation has worsened. ” (

Azerbaijan news

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