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20 countries promise new military aid package to Ukraine

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff general Mark Mili Ukraine He said that 47 countries participated in the second meeting of the Contact Group
20 the country to Russia’s interventionist forces snowhas agreed to provide new military assistance to Ukraine.
Do this on May 23 Ukraine At the second meeting of the Contact Group, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated.
According to the report, Denmark has promised to provide Ukraine with a Harpoon device and missiles to protect its coast.
Speaking at a news conference after the video conference, Austin said the Czech Republic had promised “significant support” to Ukraine, including combat helicopters, tanks and missile systems.
Austin said that in general 20 The country has announced “new security packages.”
The Minister reminded that the issue was Ukraine’s much-needed artillery, coast defense systems, tanks and armored vehicles.

47 countries participated
According to Austin, a number of other countries Ukraine has made new commitments to train its forces and maintain its military systems.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff general Mark Milli said that 47 countries participated in the second meeting of the Contact Group of Ukraine.
Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov He briefed the participants on the situation in the three-month war.
Lloyd Austin said:
“Today we are ministers Reznikov and together with his team, we received accurate information about Ukraine’s priority requirements and the situation on the battlefield. “

The United States is increasing its military power in Europe
Austin said the group’s U.S. military presence in Germanyweather The scale of military memory promised and delivered since its first meeting at the base four weeks ago has been unprecedented.
According to him, Ukraine’s needs have not changed much since the first meeting, and the war continues with the participation of artillery, tanks, drones and other equipment:
“At this stage, the fate of the battle is decided by artillery, and we have in recent weeks snowWe are witnessing artillery fire. “
The Pentagon chief added that the next meeting of the Contact Group of Ukraine will be held on June 15 with the physical participation of members. NATOwill take place at a ministerial meeting in Brussels.
General Mili shared the latest information on the growing presence of US forces in Europe since Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.


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