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They started to bring cheap oil to Azerbaijan

Butter importers in Azerbaijan, seeing its rise in price, have started buying oil from cheaper places this year.

Rising commodity prices in the world due to the crisis food also affected the sector. Rising energy prices and the preservation of strategic resources by some countries due to the crisis create shortages, which affect prices. Azerbaijan per ton added to butter compared to last year 484 dollars spent money. That is, average prices 10% increased in price. However, this price increase was actually neutralized at the expense of Iran and Turkey, and a high figure did not emerge.

The main shareholder in imported butter is New Zealand. But the price of butter imported from New Zealand has risen by 30% to $ 5.94 per kg. 1.75 thousand tons from New Zealand in the first quarter of 2022 (10.37 mln. dollars) butter was brought. Imports from this country decreased by 16% year on year.

Therefore, importers turned to a cheaper market. For example, oil from Iran rose 6% to $ 4.23.

Iran has replaced Ukraine, which is usually in second place. Importers in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the first quarter of 2022 exported 1.59 thousand tons (6.73 million tons). dollars), which is an annual increase of 43 percent.

Germany, which is relatively expensive compared to last year France Imports of oils also decreased.

Note that, Azerbaijan In the first three months of the year, the domestic market produced 6,500 tons of butter, an increase of 1.5%.

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Azerbaijan news

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